High Key


So this assignment for my "Simple Isn't Easy" class was a couple weeks ago. I've been bad about keeping up my posting. But the assignment was to paint a high key painting, then add a few darks to move your eye. I did this on my ipad on a program called Procreate. It's a very fun tool for quick studies. I didn't have a value scale around so I think I got a few of my values a tiny bit too dark. But for the most part, they are middle value and lighter. Then I added the darks to really draw the eye. 

Below is the same image changed to b/w so you can really see how the values have merged. I am very happy with this one and am in the process of trying to do this in oil. It's so much harder I think. Learning a lot. 


One Color Dominant

This was what I painted last week for my "Simple Isn't Easy" class with Mark Daniel Nelson. The assignment was to pick a color and paint a painting in that color. So I was pretty excited about this. I've been wanting to experiment with this technique for a long time. Especially with some of my jumping figures. So I ended up painting two versions! It was fun to see the same painting twice in different colors. The first is "red-violet", and the second "colbalt-teal". 

I prefer the first one but mainly I think because I like the value pattern more. Mark did a poll in class and it was almost 50/50 on which painting people preferred. Which one do you like better? Is it just because you lean more toward warm vs cool colors? I paint a lot of cool temp paintings, so I know that wasn't why I preferred the warmer version. 

Party Smurf

4x4 oil on cradled board

I'm not sure which Smurf this is, but he is ready for the party!! So fun to paint this guy. I got to use all my favorite colors!

I'm headed out of town tomorrow. First stop will be the Florida panhandle, to help celebrate my mother-in-laws 90th birthday!! Such a milestone. We didn't want to miss it. Then I will be in Birmingham for a few days while Joe attends meetings. I need to find a good gallery or museum to spend some time at!! I've never been to Birmingham. Anyone have any suggestions?

So since I'll be gone a week, I won't be able to ship any paintings until I return March 5. Thank you for your understanding.

Workshop Studies

Light dominant

Dark dominant (Juice Box)

These are a couple studies I've done for my "Simple Isn't Easy" workshop. I'm learning more about how to think about composing a composition. Merging lights with lights, and darks with darks. These two were my attempt at painting a 'light dominant' & 'dark dominant' paintings. They are fun exercises. I'm still tweaking "Juice Box". I might paint this one a few more times.

Below are two studies massing darks.


6x8 oil on panel

I wish I was in on the secret! 
This will be dry by mid-March. 


I think he's trying to tell me something!

RIP Velasa (1994-2018)
I took a few days off from the studio last week as I tried to get used to not having this furball around anymore. She will be missed. 


8'x6" oil on panel
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I enjoyed the colors in this painting. This reminds me of when my little girl did ballet.


6x8 oil on cradled board
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My grandma had a dachshund named Cindy. She had the silkiest ears!

Good Morning - SOLD

6x6 oil on panel

I'd love to wake up to this smile every day!