HHG Mugshot #8

Nancy "The Guardian" Darling
This is part of the Hilton Head Gang series. I was lucky enough to sit right next to Nancy during the KJ workshop. She does amazing paintings and was very helpful and encouraging to me.

Week 8 finds us looking for Nancy “The Guardian” Darling so named because of her help with rescue dogs.  She often travels with a large pack of dogs which hampers her ability to shoot but that does not prevent her from trying.  She uses the dogs to attract unsuspecting subjects then while they are being distracted...she shoots.  It is a devious but very effective plan.  I hear she and her pack will be heading up to Alaska to participate in the Iditarod...that may be a false lead...just be on the lookout... You may find more clues to her whereabouts on her blog... http://njdarling.blogspot.com/Maria Hock, fellow member of the HHG 
4 x 4 oil on panel


  1. Well done! - great modelling of the face, love it!

  2. Love the eyes and the way you painted the glasses. I am always studying how others paint glasses to improve what I do. Great job!

  3. I like her eyes and the expression with her eyebrows. She seems pretty inquisitive of her arrest. =)

  4. Cathy, you have captured Nancy really well! Nice job on her eyes and the glasses, which are hard to do. Well done!