HHG Mugshot #12

4 x 4 oil on panel

Dawn "The Shadow" Hartigan
Still catching up on mugshots. I'm also still having a lot of fun with these. I'm definitely feeling more comfortable with doing mugs. Thank you Dawn for not tilting your head!! Love her stern expression!
Dawn “The Shadow” Hartigan is so named because she is deceptively quiet. She sneaks in with an unassuming look and an unsuspecting public can expect to be exposed.  Shots will be fired in rapid succession and before you know it “The Shadow” has moved to her next victim.  Paintings will be painted, shown in galleries, and bought by people you don’t even know.  You could actually be hanging in someone else’s home without your knowledge.  You won’t even know...only “The Shadow” knows... 
As always, check out Dawn’s blog at http://dawnhartigan.blogspot.comfor more information about her whereabouts and her artwork.
Information can also be found on the Hilton Head Gang Blog...http://Hiltonheadgang.blogspot.com/
Maria Hock, fellow member of the HHG   


  1. Dawn looks great! She has such a menacing look in her eyes! I love the skin tones and gray background..it works well with the pop of pink in her shirt! Very nice!

  2. Wasn't it fun to do a 3/4 view? I love how you pulled off her curls but kept them soft. And you did an outstanding job of shadowing her eyes behind her glasses!

    1. Yes it was fun to do a 3/4 view. I enjoy doing glasses also.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Love these mugshots you have all been doing. Great stern expression!