Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Workshops / Classes

So, I bet you've been wondering if I am doing anything besides mugshots! Well I have been. I just haven't had the energy to blog about them until today. I'm still fighting that cold, so when I'm not painting, in classes, cleaning, shopping, taking care of mom, I'm resting. But here is the update...

I started a portrait class with Ann Feldman. She is an incredible artist and teacher, and so much fun! This class meets once a week for 6 weeks. The first class she did a very short lecture and demo, then turned us loose on a head shot in charcoal. This was lots of fun. I got a lot of really good input from her. Last night was the second class she let us move into oils if we wanted. Then handed out photos of facial features for us to study and paint. Here is a photo of what I did last night. Seems like I could almost have a face here, but the features didn't belong to one another. So I kept them separate.

Then last week I had a 2 day workshop with Thomas Trausch focusing on flowers and trees. This was a very intensive 2 days consisting mostly of lecture and demos. I really liked how much time we spent on composition. There were a couple hours at the end of each day where we were able to quickly paint something. I'm not a fast painter, so I didn't get as far as I would have liked, but I learned a lot and it was good to get out of my studio and away from the computer. Here are my paintings.


  1. How fortunate to be able to take classes! I love Ann's work, but not familiar with Thomas'. I clicked and viewed his website. So you have portraits, still lifes, and landscapes .... awesome! Love your paintings and your face study. Nice work!

  2. love the eyes...turned out great.

  3. How fun to be able to take such wonderful classes! I especially like Ann's...the samples you did look great...but will check out Thomas's class right now! Look forward to seeing your next paintings!

  4. What a constructive, smart thing to do! Your paintings look great and that was only with a couple hours? I love the eyes and lips!