HHG Mugshot #15

4 x 4 oil on panel

Sheryl "Red" Lott
Sheryl was FUN to paint... so colorful. I hope I didn't take it too far. I was getting carried away!
Week 15 and the saga continues. The HIlton Head Gang from Karin Jurick’s workshop...now notoriously famous...is still on the lam. This week we feature one of the more elusive members.
Sheryl “Red” Lott with her fiery red hair and syrupy southern accent immediately disarms her victims. She sashays into venues or onto the beach oozing that southern charm that lulls her victims into a false sense of security. She is no less dangerous than the rest of the gang...she just looks harmless. Her stash of covertly taken photographs is testament to her devious nature. How she can remain anonymous with her blazing red locks we will never know. Don’t let her demure southern behavior fool you...be on the lookout!
For more about the The Hilton Head Gang check out their blog at http://hiltonheadgang.blogspot.com
~ Maria Hock, fellow member of the HHG


  1. Beautiful, Cathy! Love her hair!

  2. Great eyes, great hair, great job. I thought of you while I was struggling with, well everything on this one. i kept wondering about the things you learned in your portrait class in regards to features, especially the lips. I'd love to hear more.

  3. Wonderful - you took it to exactly the right point, not a step too far! Love it!

  4. I'm excited to get started. This will be fun. Red hair, blue eyes and a bit of a pout to the lips, you did it!

  5. Beautiful hair, eyes and lips. Cathy, you did a really nice job on this one. I'd like to hear about your portrait workshop with Ann also!