HHG Mugshot #19

4 x 4 oil on panel

Allyson "Sundance" Schilb
I was lucky to sit next to Allyson in our workshop. She is such a nice person and a talented painter. I wish she had a blog so I could still enjoy her work. I really had fun painting your face, Allyson (if you are reading this). I think I might paint it again!
I broke out the palette knife for the background and hair. This really added a lot of interest to the edges that I don't usually get.
Allyson “Sundance” Schilb does most of her shooting in the evening.  She, too, is one of the more quiet members of the Hilton Head Gang.  We do know that she rides with a biker gang.  She rode all over the island...There were tales of drive by shootings.  When other gang members were strolling beaches, sidewalks and tourist sites, Sundance was laying low...riding quietly and shooting unsuspecting victims.  We also know is she is no less proficient than any of the other members...she is SLR ready and will shoot at will.
 For more about the The Hilton Head Gang check out their blog at http://hiltonheadgang.blogspot.comMaria Hock, fellow member of the HHG

This is mug #25.


  1. She looks great...I love the skin tones and the way you handled the glasses. I love it and I am sure Allyson will love it too!

  2. Nice job on Allyson! I love it when I'm perusing the HHG blog and suddenly a new mug pops up! And nice work with the palette knife - I don't have control with it but it clearly works for you!