HHG Mugshot #21 - Final - SOLD

4 x 4 oil on panel

Vince "The Organizer" Fazio
Last but not at all least is Vince. Vince is the director of the School of Arts Center in Sedona and joins Karin for the workshops. It was fun to paint him even though he posed the challenge of both glasses and beard! I might have added a few years to him here, sorry Vince! I also learned how hard it is to photograph a painting with a black background!! ugh! Check out Vince's incredible work at his website: www.vincefazio.com

Here is what Maria had to say:
So week 21...lucky number 21 and we introduce Vince "The Organizer"  without whom the Hilton Head Gang could not have functioned during the workshop! 
Vince “ The Organizer” is an adjunct member of the notorious Hilton Head Gang.  He has tried to disassociate himself from the group but once a Hilton Head Gang member...always a Hilton Head Gang member.  It is like the Hotel California...you can check in any time you want...but you can never leave...hahahahahahahahaha...


  1. Love Vince's mug! And I love all the mug shots together. I am going to make a book also...I hope the group is still on board to but either way I will have one! Love this project!

  2. wow this is a lot different than your other mugs...maybe its the black background. but the colors seem more vibrant.

    1. I had to lighten that image because I took it inside. I redid it outside and the colors look more true now. Hopefully that helps.

  3. Cathy, Cathy, Cathy!!! Awesome!! Nuff said!

  4. Wonderful! - and so good to see them all together.
    I see a lot of progress looking at the first ones compared to the more recent ones!

  5. I love it - don't we look good?? Are you doing your own book individually as well as with the HHG? You are so cyber-capable! And Vince looks great!! Wonderful job!