Monday, April 30, 2012

Morning Mug

5 x 7 oil on panel

I really think that doing those value studies is helping me plan my paintings. I need to get back to them. 
This is Easter morning with my son.


  1. Love this one, Cathy!! His expression, tousled hair and coffee cup make a really nice composition. Your skin tones are good, too. Wonderful!

  2. I love it too...the love the implied diagonal across the canvas...really draws your eye...great composition.

  3. Cathy this is great - I love these snapshot moments. And it's a great balanced composition using the golden ratio. Wonderful lighting. Your quest for learning and discipline in practice is such an inspiration.

  4. Your paintings are working so well. I think you're right value studies can be helpful. I wonder if value studies using a secondary color would be of any use?