Open Studio

I have several paintings to post but I can't seem to get any decent photos today.  I'm posting the painting I did at Open Studio last night because this photo turned out fairly well. 

This was my first time going to Open Studio and also my first time painting a live model. There was a model for a couple nights in my portrait class, but I decided to just stay with charcoal for those. I'm not at all unhappy with this since it was my first time. I might have gone a bit dark with her skin, and mixing skin color was so different in the studio than at home. I'm looking forward to giving it another try.

It was a surprise to see my portrait teacher at Open Studio also! I loved watching Ann paint Lisa also! Check out her results


  1. Very nice! I love the soft palette. Painting from life is something I don't get to do very often but it is challenging when I do. Really love it!

  2. Wow are you ever productive in your retirement! How industrious of you to keep taking classes - it would be so fun. You did a great job with this live model. How much time did you have? It's intimidating for me to try to paint within limited time so I admire you all the more!

    1. I left a little early so it probably took me 2 hours to get to this point. It's on a 11 x 14 support so not as big as others.
      Thanks for your comment Terri.