Plein Air Workshop with Frankie Johnson

It's been a while since I've posted. Some family conflicts kept me away from painting for about 3 weeks. But I just spent this last weekend out plein air painting with Frankie Johnson and a very fun group of ladies. Frankie is a talented and giving artist and teacher. I was so lucky to get into this workshop with her. She teaches regularly out of her business Mainstreet Art Centre. And is also teaching workshops out of the Peninsula School of Art in Door Co., WI. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class from her, do so.

I had only been out plein air painting once before this workshop and I learned so much in 3 days! Above is my take home. I painted 2 paintings each day. I like some more than others. I also took a lot of photos for future paintings.

I also learned that I need to get an umbrella before my next plein air workshop in July. Does anyone have any recommendations?


  1. Great results, I especially like the middle one on the right!
    I've done some plain air as well, but managed without an umbrella so far. Still, I guess I'd get the one from ArtworkEssentials, it seems to have great reviews for use with all kinds of easels:

  2. I like the top left painting best. The pops of red and purple really glow with the green.

  3. These are all just wonderful, Cathy! I especially like the reflections on the water. Very nice!

  4. I'm impressed that these are your first plein air paintings! They are lovely!

    As far as an umbrella goes .... well, i'm useless! I paint outside once in a while, but I have never used an umbrella. I try to find a shady spot, which, of course, isn't shady for long! :)

  5. Thanks Regula. I'll look at the Art Essentials umbrella. That is the setup I use, I just wasn't sure about the umbrella. Nice to see you painting again

    Amy, that was my first painting and one of the ones I like too! Thanks!

    Thanks Ann! I was painting in the shade and didn't realize how much those reflections popped until Frankie came along and put the painting in the sun for me to see. That changed everything!

    Thanks Linda! I thought I would be able to get away without an umbrella too. But now I think I need one.

  6. Wonderful landscapes Cathy! Very nice! I see your style in these and it works very well! I can't pick a favorite, but I really like the spark of red in that little barn!