Randy Sexton Workshop Day 2

Our class met at the Fish Creek Harbor for the second day. It was a lightly overcast, threatening rain most of the day. It was very windy by the lake. Randy painted a demo of a motorcycle that was parked on the road.

He masses in a large dark shape to start. He compares this to a portrait. This is just a portrait of a bike. 
At this point he does a lot of wiping out to get the correct shape and establish the lightest areas.

Love it!


  1. Great report, Cathy! I really like your painting. Sorry it's so hot there, but hope you avoided the pouring rain. You mentioned "Compose Blue" -- is that right? I haven't heard of it. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. What a great demo! I find it interesting that he reveals the shapes by wiping away-like a sculptor. I am also interested in Compose Blue. Who makes it? Anxious to see your work!

  3. Love this play by play of the workshop! Thanks so much for chronicling it for us!

  4. Compose Blue by Holbein. I'll post more soon!

    Thanks for all your comments!