Sexton Workshop Final

After a day of blistering heat, a day of high winds, a cloudy day, then an all day rain, I left for home this morning on a beautiful clear day in the 80s. With the occasional puffy cloud in a beautiful blue sky!! ha! This was the day I had been waiting for all week! I guess that's the luck of the draw.

The weather definitely was a challenge for me. But I'm so glad I took this workshop and I learned a lot. Randy was great! Always calm and easy going and spending a lot of one on one time with you and each of your paintings. The last day was spent critiquing our paintings and showing us how we could improve on them all. We then either worked into our paintings or started a new one with the changes we discussed. This was a great exercise. Here are my two paintings after working back into them. I did paint a third but decided to wipe it.


  1. Despite the extreme weather conditions, it looks like it was a productive experience for you. Your paintings look great, Cathy! Of all the challenges, I'd say wind is definitely the most difficult. It gets easier the more you go out -- really! I wish we could paint together. It would be fun!!!

  2. These are both great! I am glad you had a great experience though a bit challenging! Love seeing the result of this workshop. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice work, Cathy. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Weather is always a consideration and you've just about had it all at this workshop!