Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sugar N Spice

5 x 5 oil on panel
private collection Cedar Park, TX.

More spice than sugar sometimes just like it should be! This was a fun to try to capture this little girls spunk! 


  1. You captured the spunk perfectly! this painting has stolen my heart! I love the sunglasses and the way the hair and background compliment each other. The warm and cool colors work so well together. I just love her...;)

  2. I love this sunny little painting!!! It's brimming with personality-- so well done!

  3. This is just great. I love the palette of turquoise, orange and Cad yellow. And the wonderful cool shadows. The subject is charming and you did a wonderful job!

  4. Oh, you got it just right! She's overflowing with spunk and you got that. We LOVE it!!!

  5. Love love love. You captured her spice just perfect. She's got plenty of attitude and it shines through.