Swimming With Jumpy - SOLD

6 x 6 oil on panel
private collection in North Barrington, IL

Do you believe this frog lives near or at this pool? Well, these two boys are having a great time swimming with this little guy. I loved the silhouettes and the colors of all three of them.

I love this story. I secretly love frogs. Playing with frogs and toads were my favorite activity when we used to vacation in Wisconsin as a child. Poor things... I'm sure I damaged a few of them unintentionally. I wonder what chorine does to amphibians, and I wonder why he's chosen to live there?


  1. This painting makes me feel like I'm right there -- with the boys and the frog! Great composition, Cathy! I love how you handlend the water in this one. We would get frogs in our swimming pool all the time. Strange!

  2. I love frogs and I love this painting. I can just feel the joy! I am part french and we were called "frogs" when we were young.