#11: More Chasing

4 x 4 Oil on panel

This is my 11th submission to the 30 in 30 challenge. 
I was not able to get to my studio today. I didn't want to fall further behind so I'm going to post this painting I did last week and talk about why I don't like it! I did this painting before I painted my #10 The Getaway (shown below). 

Originally I liked having his hands in the frame because I like the interest it adds. But after I painted this I was not thrilled with the shape of the negative spaces around him. The figure and shadow are just not filling the board in as pleasing a way as I wanted. Maybe if I had not cropped off his head it would have worked better. But then I would have had to put this on a larger board and I needed a quick small one in order to stay on track with this challenge. I wanted to put more emphasis on the shadow and the space under his right foot. So I resized the image.

Here, again, is my #10 submission The Getaway so you can compare. I think it works better than the one above. What do you think? 

This is me learning in big ways, on small panels. :o)


  1. Composition plays a huge part in painting and I agree that the second one is much better. His hands are really cute, but they are a distraction. Yep, number 2 is better!!

  2. good compare and contrast and while I don't see what you see I do like the Getaway better than the top painting. It just works better.

    and here's to a quote of the day "This is me learning in big ways, on small panels." LOVE IT