Portrait #4 - Maddie - SOLD

6 x 6 oil on panel
This is Maddie. I took many liberty's with this one. I cropped this image with the bath water and toy showing because I thought that would be interesting to paint. But in the end I found it distracting from the face. This little girl with her secret little smile was the star of the painting. But maybe I should have enlarged the face instead of painting out the background I definitely want to try Maddie again.


  1. awww she's a cutie. yeah a close up would be cool but I like this one too. She's like a little Mona Lisa...you wonder what she's smiling about. =0

  2. Cathy, I am sooo impressed with your portraits!! Maddie is cute and you caught such a sweet expression.

  3. She is so cute! Cathy, you've captured a great expression in those beautiful blue eyes.