Portrait #11 - Maddie again - SOLD

6 x 6 oil on panel

This is Maddie again. I painted her earlier and really wanted to give her another shot. I feel like this painting is more successful because it gives you a feeling of the atmosphere around her. The wind is blowing her hair and the sky is overcast. I like that. I think it helps you remember the day and the moment better.

I've had a few questions about my process with these portraits. So briefly, I start with a toned 6 x 6 panel. For this painting I toned in black acrylic. I spend a lot of time in photoshop enhancing the photo as much as I can. I adjust exposure, saturation, and brightness. I then crop the photo to a 6 x 6 format. I mark my panel down the center vertically and horizontally. With the portraits I also add a couple more vertical & horizontal marks so that there is a large grid. This helps me get the features in the right place especially for the subjects I don't know personally. Using this many grid lines can cause my painting to tighten up compared to some of my other paintings. So I try to use as few lines as possible. I do not draw the face on the panel first. I just start painting. 


  1. I hope you do Maddie over and over again...she's adorable and you captured the feeling of the wind hitting her..
    love this one.