Portrait #17 - Julia & Oliver

6 x 6 oil on panel

For this one time I put two faces on the 6 x 6 panel. I just couldn't turn down trying to paint these twins! They look like a handful of fun if you ask me. Julia was all full of pinks and blues, when Oliver was full of olives and oranges! 


  1. Comment from Meredith Adler that I accidentally deleted on my iPad:
    Absolutely precious, Cathy!

    Thank you Meredith!

  2. You're welcome, Cathy. I came back here to put the comment back, didn't realize you had quoted me! Now that I am back, let me add, I love especially how you captured the chubby little cheeks and highlights, and how you did the HAIR! They look full of life...

    1. Thanks Meredith! Chubby cheeks galore!

  3. An incredible challenge and a successful one to paint these two on such a small canvas!! Congratulations!!!

  4. Cathy, these twins are adorable!! You are really doing great with all these portraits! I am very impressed!!

  5. Thank you Hilda & Linda! This one was double the challenge!

  6. I have not seen this! Amazing work! Doing two together is a brave thing!