Portrait #24 - Jed

6 x 6 oil on panel

This is another one of my favorite people in the world. He is husband to Sarah, and father to Declan, and my son. I had to dig deep for a photo of him. I did another one similar to this a while ago. 

Struggling a bit right now. I was rear-ended yesterday which threw me off my game. No one was hurt thank goodness. Just shaken up a bit. And now wrapped up with the time consuming tasks of estimates. 

Only one more portrait to go!


  1. You painted Jed beautifully...an incredible likeness, Cathy!! I'm sorry to hear about your accident..glad you're okay!!! take care!!!

  2. Wonderful portrait, Cathy. Great job. I again think you painted his mood as much as his portrait. I'm so glad you are ok and so sorry you have to deal with all the extra work that comes with an accident. But thank goodness you are ok!

  3. Thank you Hilda & Meredith! Yes, I'm glad it was very minor. I still need to get my car repaired but I'm grateful it wasn't worse.