Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Golden Boy

6 x 6 oil on panel

He looks like a friendly guy. Don't you love his expression?

This will be my last painting for this week since my grandson is coming and I'll have my hands full of 2 year old for a few days!


  1. Lovely painting. I love his expression, he looks like he is smiling.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful Cathy!!! Beautiful coloring!!!
    Enjoy your time with your grandson!!!!

  3. everything ie perfect Its soft and yet detailed. the colors are great. I can't get over how you paint such a beautiful painting on such a small panel. What size brushes do you use for the details (teeth, eyes?)

  4. He is wonderful, Cathy. He feels so real, yet painterly, not photorealistic. Yes, I love his expression. I love the tongue! Have a good time with your grandson...

  5. I love Golden Retrievers - what's not to love? You know I have a nephew who's a Golden! Beautiful painting Cathy!