Post Art Festival #1


Well, I've survived my first art festival and I'm spending the morning reflecting on what I've learned. It was fun, but definitely more work than fun. I had a lot of people admiring my work,  collected a lot of emails for my mailing list, and handing out TONS of business cards and postcards I had printed up. But I found the people who liked my work the best, were most often painters themselves. And really just wanted to chat with me about my process. Don't get me wrong, connecting with other artists is high on my list of things that are important to me. But maybe discussing my marketing strategy or framing process in the middle of my booth might not be the best idea. I'll try not to get caught up in that as much. I am still hoping a few will connect with me again now that the show is over. Who knows. 

I found that swiping on my little Paypal Now device is hard. And doesn't always work. I'm going to try Square next time and see if I have better luck. 

I found that my Graphic Display System was pretty convenient to transport and set up, but almost impossible to keep your paintings hanging straight. And sometimes VERY difficult to get your paintings off the damn thing during a sale. Maybe I'll price some hanging systems. Not sure how expensive they are. It would also be better to have more wall space and get rid of a table. 

I need to actually sew something that works as table covers instead of using the draping methods I used. I also need to have a small shelf included in my display to put bags and bubble wrap so I'm not scrambling so much for those. I need another sign or two explaining what I am actually selling since so many people walked by mumbling "look at the photos". 

They put me under a tree which was great because I had shade all day, and I could keep one of my side panels open for more exposure. Unfortunately, the tree had a serious case of aphids. And everything, including me, was covered in them by the end. ugh!

I got some great photos of dogs and kids, and a few people that might be interested in dog paintings. So I'll start on that later this week. Today is just about clean up, recovery and reflecting.