Friday, June 28, 2013

A Moment

6 x 6 oil on panel

"A moment is a medieval unit of time equal to 1.5 minutes or 1/40 of an hour." 

I don't know why I found that so interesting! ha!
This young lady seemed to be taking 'a moment' after riding out on a pier in Peninsula State Park. I imagine she could be looking at her reflection over the edge. 


  1. Beautiful work, Cathy. You can see movement in all of your paintings !!!

  2. Excellent foundation drawing for a strong figure painting! Love the painting!

  3. super painting. have you ever done a video of you painting. I would love to see how you paint these. Thanks

  4. I can recognize a Cathy Engberg in my Feedly, no matter what the subject matter, before I see the name of the blog! I think that's what they mean by personal style!! I really like the simplicity of this palette and how you were able to make the blue of the shirt stand out from the blue of the sky even though in places they are SO close.

  5. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments on this painting. What really drew me to this was the fact she was blending into the sky in places. So I'm glad that came through.