Lil' Guy - SOLD

6 x 6 oil on panel

Seems like a long time since I've posted. I have been painting. I just haven't been able to take photos until this morning, so now I have a few waiting to be posted. I have only a short window of time in that sweet spot on my deck, where I can usually get a decent photo. It is in the mornings during the summer because by mid-day the sun has taken over that spot and any attempt to photograph paintings results in completely blown out photos. But we have had nothing but dark rainy mornings lately. Luckily today, the clouds thinned enough to let some decent light through and I got a few photos! 

This young one was alone in a pasture at a petting zoo/farm I took my grandson to a month ago. He was the lucky one because all the other cows were locked into tiny stalls and didn't look very happy. We skipped that part and hung out with the happy calf.


  1. A very sweet face on this calf, Cathy! Nice work.

  2. I do like this little sweet and innocent.

  3. I do like this little sweet and innocent.

  4. Thank you Hilda & Susan! He seemed really happy in the pasture by himself. He was fun to watch.