Trixie the Pug - SOLD

6 x 6 oil on panel

Trixie stopped by my booth to pose for me at the Downers Grove Art Fair earlier this month. She was very cooperative, and let me take photos. I've finally gotten the chance to paint her. I love her pink rhinestone studded collar, don't you?

Recent Works Show

Private Joke
10 x 10 oil on cradled hardwood

I want to mention that my painting "Private Joke" has been accepted in the Robert T. Wright Community Gallery of Art's Recent Works show. I'm thrilled beyond belief that it will be hanging in a place where I have spent so much time. The show runs from Oct. 4 through Nov. 10. Be sure to check it out. 

I know it must seem like I've dropped off the planet. But I am still out here, I've just not been painting. My mom hasn't been well again and spent  a couple days in the hospital. For some reason, when things aren't right with mom, I can't paint. I've just got a block. Now that she is out of the hospital, I'll be getting her to doctor appointments so I'll be on the road a lot for a couple weeks. 

I'm so inspired to continue my Lost Land Lake series, and I also have some great new running sources to work from. So I can't wait until mom is better and I can get my mojo back in the studio! 

Dixie - SOLD

6 x 6 oil on panel

Continuing with my series of paintings from my vacation at Northland Lodge on Lost Land Lake...

This is Dixie. She was staying in the cabin next to us and she kept us entertained as she stalked and chased chipmunks and squirrels! She is an Irish Jack Russell which I had never heard of before. She was so much fun to watch! She wasn't alone. A small dachshund named Cloe kept her company. I'm sure a painting of her will come up soon. 

This is my 9th submission to the 30 in 30 challenge. I've stopped including the number and I might stop counting all together. It looks like I'm going to miss more days that I had expected with this challenge. It turns out the thing I'm learning most that I can't commit to a month long painting project. Too many other things keep coming up. I plan to keep at my series past the September 30 final. I would like to get at least 30 done.

Gone Fishing - SOLD

6 x 6 oil on panel

"Couples that fish together, stay together!" I kind of doubt that is 100% accurate, but I did a search on fisherman quotes and came up with a gold mine! It's fun to see this couple sharing a hobby. Looks like fun!

This is my 8th submission to the 30 in 30 challenge. 

Drowning Worms - SOLD

6 x 6 oil on panel

This is my 7th submission to the 30 in 30 challenge. I thought I would start back in daily painting with something 'simple' and what I keep discovering is that NOTHING is simple! I just loved watching the bobber and its reflection on the still water and I wanted to try to capture that in paint. Relaxing to look at, isn't it?

Looking For Dinner

6 x 6 oil on panel

This is my 6th submission to the 30 in 30 challenge. There were many eagles nesting along the shores of this lake. In the late afternoon you could see them soaring through the air. It almost seemed like they played together while flying. It was amazing. They would come down low and grab huge fish right out of the lake with their talons! They are much better fishermen than we were.

This is an immature Bald Eagle. I suspect  he was looking for dinner. 

I'm back from my final show in Downtown Downers Grove! Today has been a day of recovery. Unloading the car (still not quite done) and resting. I lost my voice by the end of Saturday. There was festive live music through the whole thing. But I'm not a loud talker naturally. So forcing myself to talk over the music to people was a strain. But the good news is, there were people in my booth most of the time and I was talking talking talking! ha! It was pretty fun. I got some GREAT feedback which has encouraged me to keep going for a long time. I met some really interesting artists that I hope to keep in contact with. I'm very excited about that. 
Then you will never guess what happened on Sunday!! I got an award! You could have blown me over I was so shocked when Amy Amdur came into my booth with a photographer and awarded me this ribbon. It says "Outstanding Achievement". I really am thrilled and it did soften the disappointment that I had almost no sales. I do feel encouraged. Lots of decisions to make about next year. But thank goodness I don't have to do that for a while. 


6 x 6 oil on panel

This is my 5th submission to the 30 in 30 challenge. I don't know about you, but there were years when I dreamed of having a few hours to myself to just sit and relax. Seeing this fisherman reminded me of that. I hope he caught something! 

I have my last Art Fair of the season this weekend. So I will be away from a computer both Saturday and Sunday. I wasn't expecting to get any painting done but now I think I'll take my plein air set up. If things are slow I'll try to paint something. 

Here I come!

6 x 6 oil on panel

This is my fourth submission to the 30 in 30 challenge. Here are a couple of small feet running along the dock. He doesn't want to miss anything.

Well, I'm behind a day already. That's okay, I knew that would happen. I just need to keep moving forward! 

Gliding on Blue

6 x 6 oil on panel

Another kayak. But at this time the water was rougher and more blue. I really liked the shape of her figure, the paddle and boat on the blue water. So I tried to focus on that and to make that interesting. 


6 x 6 oil on panel

This is my second submission to the 30 in 30 challenge. There were many many kayakers on Lost Land Lake during our stay. This is one of many. The water was very green from all the reflections along the shore. I liked where the green and blue met and mingled. This kayaker was floating along right in this sweet spot. 

Girl Talk

6 x 6 oil on panel

This is my first submission to the 30 in 30 challenge. My theme this month will be paintings from images I took on my vacation in northern Wisconsin. I saw these two ladies while on a boat ride on Lost Land Lake. They were sitting on a bench on a dock enjoying a serious conversation. I loved how the sun was shining on them and the water.