Dixie - SOLD

6 x 6 oil on panel

Continuing with my series of paintings from my vacation at Northland Lodge on Lost Land Lake...

This is Dixie. She was staying in the cabin next to us and she kept us entertained as she stalked and chased chipmunks and squirrels! She is an Irish Jack Russell which I had never heard of before. She was so much fun to watch! She wasn't alone. A small dachshund named Cloe kept her company. I'm sure a painting of her will come up soon. 

This is my 9th submission to the 30 in 30 challenge. I've stopped including the number and I might stop counting all together. It looks like I'm going to miss more days that I had expected with this challenge. It turns out the thing I'm learning most that I can't commit to a month long painting project. Too many other things keep coming up. I plan to keep at my series past the September 30 final. I would like to get at least 30 done.


  1. She is lovely..what a little character! I found the last 30/30 challenge hard for the same reason Cathy. This time I just have too much on and it would be stressful...I like to take my time painting!!

  2. Love this loner. Great catching up with your 30 in 30. So many great pieces. Awesome that you won outstanding achievement at the show. Not sure what folks were thinking not taking your pieces home with them. Maybe empty pocketbook.
    I will be away from my computer for 10 days so I will look forward to seeing more then. Keep up the fabulous work!

  3. This is my busiest month this year. I know exactly what you mean. I'm beat!

  4. I understand totally the need for a break. Glad you painted this little cutie-pie first, though!

  5. You can really see Dixie is in charge of her turf! Lots of attitude! Great portrayal of a proud little dog Cathy!

  6. Very good painting of the little doggie. It is difficult to do 30 in 30--my first attempt. All your paintings are so nice.