Palette Knife Workshop

I just recently took a mini-workshop that Ann Feldman teaches at the Main Street Art Center in Lake Zurick, IL. This one was on palette knife painting. Ann's palette knife paintings are some of my favorite of hers and I wanted to learn more. Life has been so busy lately so this 2 day mini workshop was the perfect commitment for my current schedule!

Of course it's never as easy as you think it might be. These are my two attempts. But I can see that I could get better at this if I did it more.

First one: Well, can you tell these are supposed to be trees and reflections? I took a stab at putting in some birch trees in the distance, but that really didn't work! I wish I could show you Ann's demo. Simply beautiful! I'm not very good at landscapes so that is my excuse. But I really loved working with all that pure color and letting it mix right on the board! Really fun. 

Second one: A still life is a bit more in my comfort zone. There are actual objects to paint. I like this one, sorta. But I liked it even more about 10 minutes before this! You really have to know when to STOP! Here is Ann's version


  1. Wonderful work on both of the paintings.. !!

  2. ok i know the top one is not your fave or even anywhere near your normal but I love it. I knew what it was immediately but I love the abstractness of it. And the gobs of paint on it the pallet and how they mix. LOVE IT.

  3. Cathy I think they are great starts and you have it! Checked out Ann's version too. How nice you are close enough to take her workshop. Love what you did.

  4. I could absolutely tell they are trees and reflections. Love the color and their reflections. I am a landscape artist and it seems like landscape would be very hard with a knife. Love your still life.