Hooked! - SOLD

6 x 6 oil on panel

We did catch a few fish, but nothing we didn't throw back. This was one of the larger ones that was able to work himself free before we got him out of the water! I did snap a photo before he got away. I'm not sure what he is. Northern maybe?

This will be my last post for a while. I'm leaving this Sunday to fly to South Carolina for a workshop with Lois Griffel. I'll be joining a good friend of mine that I met at a Karin Jurick workshop, Linda Nickles. She is an incredible painter and I'm sure I'll learn from her also! I won't have my computer with me so I won't be posting until I get back. 


  1. Hi Cathy...really great job how you created interest with the balance between abstraction and detail. Have a great job at the workshop and with Linda. Somehow I thought you were there already....

    1. I mean have a great time! What was I thinking??

  2. Cathy, I love how you depicted movement in the water. Looking forward to this coming week!!!

  3. super job. I agree with Meredith and Linda. You guys have fun. We'll want to see all your great work when you both get back.