Bailey - SOLD

6 x 6 oil on panel

I enjoy painting these dogs playing fetch in the water. There are so many colors and temperatures in the water to play with. 

This is a week of organizing, cleaning and tossing while I attempt to get my house ready to sell. So there isn't a lot of painting going on.

Our View

6 x 12 oil on panel

Ah... the view. How sweet it could be :) I guess I'm dreaming of the tropics these days! I painted this on two 6" x 6" panels. I plan to frame these together once they are dry. 

Things are warming up here today. Yay! Even thawing! I usually take my photos on my deck under the eaves. Today a BIG drop of water fell on my left panel right before I took the photo. Can you see the water droplets? I'll have to retake this at some point. 

Sand Between My Toes

6 x 6 oil on panel

I couldn't resist these chubby toes in the sand. I just want to use color right now, and lots of it! There were so many yummy pinks, purples, yellows and oranges in this one. 

Summer Revisited!

Summer Bliss
5 x 7 oil on panel

I think it's time to dig out the summer photos and pretend it's warming up outside! What do you think? Are you as tired of this weather as I am? I hear that there is a warmup coming. But I also hear there is 6 more inches of snow expected tomorrow. So who knows. I couldn't think of anything I wanted to paint more than the colors of warm ocean waters.

I played around with a few new colors that aren't normally on my palette. I haven't decided yet whether they will stick around, but they were fun to play with. I'm also working on applying a bit more paint.

Blue Kisses 3

4 x 4 oil on panel

It's been a long cold, blue winter. My computer did die after running for a day. A quick trip to the Apple store and I'm up and running with a new laptop! An early Happy Valentines Day to us all!

Blue Kisses 2 - SOLD

4 x 4 oil on panel

I'm enjoying painting the blue refections in the foil with just a bit of reflected warm light. 

Lunch Time

8 x 8 oil on cradled board

My computer is up and running again tonight after a major scare yesterday. I don't know how I got so lucky!! I spilled water on my laptop trackpad yesterday. Now I'm not talking a few drops. It was a pretty good spill. I quickly flipped it over and tried to dry it as best I could. Then I took quick minute to back it up before I shut down, unplugged, & removed battery to let it dry out. And tonight I'm online again. Whew

I have a bunch of paintings to post. This is another in my series of animals. Rhinos are interesting to paint. All those folds! Too bad they are always standing in mud!

Black Or White?

8 x 8 oil on cradled board

Is he black with white stripes, or white with black stripes? I don't know, but I do love to paint them. I get lost in the maze of stripes when I paint them. It's pretty fun!

I've had a hard time getting my paintings photographed lately since we are having such bad weather around here. High winds and snow keep me from taking them outside, which always works best. So this one was taken in my studio. I'm hoping a good day will come along soon so I can retake this. 

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I would post a side view of my cradled board so you can see how they are finished. Here is a photo of "Up in the Leaves" showing the finished sides. It will look nice hung as is, or framed.