Bailey - SOLD

6 x 6 oil on panel

I enjoy painting these dogs playing fetch in the water. There are so many colors and temperatures in the water to play with. 

This is a week of organizing, cleaning and tossing while I attempt to get my house ready to sell. So there isn't a lot of painting going on.


  1. Bailey has such a sweet, "good dog" face! Great dog portrait! And you really, impressively nailed those waves! I hear wave paintings are a huge trend right now! You're in!

  2. Agree with Terri. You so nailed the water. Water is such an interesting subject. Always moving, shifting, changing. My dog was named Bailey and he had a sweet look like this guy.

  3. Bailey is painted beautifully, Cathy! LOVE the water as well....

  4. Cathy, you have such a lovely way of depicting water! Bailey has a wonder expression also.

    I know what you are going through with the house stuff. Just remember to pace yourself. Change (like moving) can be a great inspiration!

  5. I love this painting of Bailey. I pinned it a couple days ago (forgot to visit here), and have already had several re-pins. Bailey's getting around!