Playing in the Surf

6 x 8 oil on cradled board
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They look sun baked and joyful playing in the surf! I'm still having fun with color and trying to push my limits. I just loved the cool turquoise waters at the top and red violet sand. This is also a new size for me. The sides of this cradled board will be stained a dark brown so that it can be hung as is.

In other news, we are still house hunting and getting our house ready for sale. I've finally gotten in a weekly art class that I was on the waiting list for. Yay! So I'll at least have one day put aside for painting. Thank you to everyone who still comes to visit and comment. It really means so much to me to hear from you. I will once again be commenting regularly also once things settle down here. I apologize for being so unavailable.


  1. They DO look sunbaked and joyful! You bring us there with you... I'm happy for you that you got into the class and look forward to hearing more about it.

  2. Love the color combination of the water and sand, as well as the expression captured in the girl's face. Great job, Cathy! It's good that you're able to find time to paint during packing up. I know what a challenge that is!

  3. This is outstanding, Cathy! I love all the color you splashed on the foam as well. The expression on the little girl is priceless. love it! The best of luck in selling your house...!!

  4. Beautiful work Cathy! I love that turquoise-over-red violet effect too. What a wonderful painting to enjoy as we wait on the 5-8 inches of snow we will enjoy tonight!