6" x 8" oil on cradled board

Getting ready for our yearly trip to Northern Wisconsin! I know the weather won't be as warm as these women are enjoying, but I sure hope it isn't COLD! Lots of fishing, boating, hiking, and napping! I can't wait!

I couldn't resist painting these three gals. So much attitude here! And the color of the water was just up my alley! 


6 x 6 oil on panel

This painting was done from another angle. You can see the water splashing up on the beach behind him.

Lunch Time

6" x 18" oil on cradled board

Finished this one up today. I really like this size board. I'll need to get more. 

There is a lot of exciting things going on right now. I've been accepted at a gallery in downtown Bloomington, IL. I'm still working out the timing on that. And I've also been accepted in a gallery in Park Forest, IL. Then, I have at least 4 other exhibitions I'm painting for right now. More information to come!

A Good Read - SOLD

6 x 6 oil on panel

I had time to finish this one up today. Nothing like a good read out on the beach! I'm finishing up the 5th book of Game of Thrones myself. I've been reading this series since January and I'll miss it when I'm done. But I'll probably get more things done around here!


8" x 8" oil on cradled board

It's been a while since I've posted because I've been sick with what started out as a horrible chest cold, that turned into a sinus infection. Ugh! I'm so glad I'm feeling better now I painted this one when I was feeling well enough during these last 3 weeks. One of my favorite subjects. I hope you like it!