Women - SOLD

6" x 8" oil on cradled board

Getting ready for our yearly trip to Northern Wisconsin! I know the weather won't be as warm as these women are enjoying, but I sure hope it isn't COLD! Lots of fishing, boating, hiking, and napping! I can't wait!

I couldn't resist painting these three gals. So much attitude here! And the color of the water was just up my alley! 


  1. Love the attitude here as well Cathy! Beautiful!! And LOVE the way you painted the water...perfect!

  2. Love the one drinking her tea or cola as she walks in the surf. I'm sure I've seen these women with their hats and drinks and attitudes. hehe

  3. Love this Cathy and how you captured their expressions. Great painting.

  4. I can just feel those waves lifting me up! Another wonderful painting Cathy! I can't wait for our big adventure!!