Tall Grass Arts Exhibition

 Country Girl
10" x 10" oil on cradled board

It's been a while since I posted last. I've started a larger piece and I've been working on that. I've also finally decided on some wall colors for our dinning/living room. So I've started painting walls. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate to paint walls? Well, I'm trying not to think of that. But I can't wait to get it done. The dinning room is finished as of yesterday. The rest will have to wait until next week.

Tomorrow I head to Park Forest, IL to deliver this painting "Country Girl" to the Tall Grass Arts Association for their "Autumn's Soft Breeze's" exhibition. I became one of their juried artists this Spring. This will be my first painting in one of their shows. I'm pretty excited. The opening reception is August 7, and the show will run until September 30. Please check it out if you are close enough. They also have a very nice gift shop connected to the gallery and I'm taking 4 small paintings for the shop. Everything is priced reasonably for people who would like to pick up a unique one-of-a-kind gift.
These paintings are all 4"x4" and framed.

Boys of Summer - study

6 x 8 oil on cradled board

I painted this a week ago and I love the composition, colors and shapes. I also love the positions of each of the boys, and how each one is looking at something different. But I just want to add a bit more detail to their uniforms, so I'm going to paint it larger. I've prepped a board and will start on that soon. The next couple weeks are going to be busy so I hope I can at least get it started soon.

Ducks on the Pond

6 x 6 oil on cradled board

I'm back in my studio this week. Last week, my mom was visiting so I spent a lot of time with her. I started this painting last week and finished it up this morning. This is the first in a series of kids playing baseball/softball paintings I have planned.

Saturday night was the CIAO members show reception at the Peoria CAC, and my painting, "Summer Joy" sold! I really like the idea that someone local will have this painting. My little model was all about coming to the reception with me to let everyone know that it was him in the painting. Unfortunately it was past his bedtime! Maybe next time!

My Self

6 x 8 oil on cradled board 

I've been working on this one off and on for a week and I think I'm pretty much done now. I know it should be me with a paint brush in my hand, but photography is still such a big part of my art that I thought I would include my camera this time. I used to play around with the plastic toy cameras and lomography, then develop my own film for years. Embrace the blur was my motto! I always thought my photos were unfinished but I was never sure what they needed. They needed to be painted! So now I paint from my photos and work on trying to make them more "painterly". It's a process!