8" x 10" oil on cradled board

This is a portrait of my son-in-law that I finished just before Christmas. I gave it to him as a gift, though I'll have to steal it back to varnish in a few weeks. 

I enjoyed painting this so much. I've been experimenting with different brushes to get more variety in my marks. Where most of my small paintings are all done wet in wet, this one was done in stages using layers of paint. 

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays to you all!
And many thanks for all your comments and encouragement throughout the year.

Pink Rose

4" x 4" oil on cradled board

I wanted to try another rose. I've decided to keep some of these flower paintings on the smaller size. This one is painted on a cradled board which allows you just set them on a table or shelf and also hang them on the wall!

Bulldog - SOLD

5" x 7" oil on panel

I couldn't resist this guy. I hope he makes you smile!

Yellow Rose - SOLD

4" x 4" oil on cradled board

I was inspired to try painting a rose because of last weeks DPW Challenge, Another Rose Challenge posted by Kaethe Bealer. Her work is always inspiring!

The Good Life

8" x 24" oil on cradled board
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My largest painting to date! And now I can really understand why people paint large! Love it! The problem is my studio won't let me go much larger than this. But it was fun.


6" x 6" oil on panel

I wonder what kind of bird this is.... some kind of woodpecker I'm guessing. Anyone know? I took this reference shot at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.


4" x 4" oil on panel

I've purposely been staying away from portraits for a while. But I've got the itch to do some portraits  again! Here is my first one and I'm keeping it small to start. I can see now that I might be able to take this even further and work back into this some more.