Toy Paintings

I'm taking a short break from painting right now. My 90 year old mom passed two weeks ago and I can't seem to focus in my studio. I've decided to to get some things done around the house instead since I really want to keep busy. 

But I did want to share all the toy paintings I have recently done! All are painting in oil on 2" deep cradled boards. You can stack them, hang them or frame them! Email me about prices.

I also have applied to a few fine art festivals this year. My first one will be March 12, Spring Bloom, at the Brown Ball Room, Bone Student Center, Illinois State University. I'm looking forward to it!

BB8 4" x 4" oil

Darth 4" x 4" oil

Egon 6" x 6" oil

Janine 6" x 6" oil
Vintage Fisher Price Farmer 4" x 4" oil

Vintage Fisher Price Dog 4" x 4" oil

Mickey 6" x 6" oil

Tweetie Pie 5" x 3" oil

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  1. Very sorry for your loss. A break may be just what you need. The toy paintings are all so cute.