Chardonnay Anyone?

8" x 8" oil on cradled board
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Painting the color in this bottle and glass were so much fun. I love this subject. So much to discover.

Waiting to Putt

I've been been hard at work in my studio, but not always having anything to show for it. I've been working on several paintings at one time right now. Which takes me longer to finish anything. But I'm easily distracted these days. So switching paintings helps. 

Here I'm working on a self portrait and a golfer with the longest legs I've ever seen! I'm always embarrassed to post photos of my studio and workspace because its rarely neat. To prove my point, here is a photo I posted on Facebook of my studio yesterday. Maybe someday I'll have enough space to actually get organized. 

White Tulip Buds

10" x 10" oil on cradled board

Painting flowers. I want to have a few still live paintings available at my next show which is at Cantigny Park in June. Here is the first one. 

Holding Hands - SOLD

8"x8" oil on cradled board

I've been working on this one off and on for a long time. Even though I love it, I kept putting it on the shelf to think about. I guess I didn't want to ruin it. But now, I'm calling it done!