June First Friday

I'll be taking these paintings, along with some ACEO trading cards, into Main Gallery 404  this week! They will be all hung by June's First Friday so be sure to come out and see what's new. 

Here are two new cards I just finished and they will be be going to the Gallery also.

Fresh as a Daisy

8x8 oil on cradled board

I got carried away with color.... can you get carried away with color? Well if you can, I think I did it here. But I still love it. This painting is all about playing with intense color. 

I found this small blue ball jar at a flea market a few months ago. I have painted it a couple times. In it is an old silk flower that I found. So it really isn't fresh.

Approaching 18 at Pebble

9" x 12" oil on cradled board

Beautiful Pebble Beach golf course. I got to stand by the 18th green and take a few photos once. I've been using those photos for references for a few years. I always wanted to try painting two golfers side by side. Inspired by Ken Auster's "Another Day at the Office", but using my own photos. This is no where near the wonderful freshness of Ken's. But it was a step forward for me. Composition is so tricky, and the problems are different for each painting. So much to learn.

Here is another corner of my studio! This is where I keep most of my paintings at different stages of drying. They are all waiting to be varnished. Sometimes this gets too crowded and I have to move some to wall shelves. Today I'm preparing to varnish a few tomorrow. So this is when I decide what's dry enough to varnish. I have such a pile of new paintings that I'm excited about!

ACEO Trading Cards

I've been working on some trading cards which I sell exclusively at Main Gallery 404 in Bloomington, IL. They have sold quite a few of mine and will be featuring trading cards again for the June First Friday. They are all original oil paintings on 2.5" x 3.5" canvas pieces. Many artists will be participating, these are just mine. 
 I'm adding cats and shoes to the mix this month! June's theme is "Wearable Art". So since I didn't really think anyone would want to WEAR one of my paintings. I painted items you could wear... or shoes. I like to paint shoes. 
I find painting this small FUN! I keep it quick and colorful. I look at these as tiny studies and will often paint a larger version if I'm happy with how the study comes out.

I will also be bringing a handful of new paintings into the gallery before the end of the month. I'll post photos once I figure out exactly which paintings I'll be bringing. 

Red Pumps

6" x 8" oil on cradled board

So much fun to really lay on the paint! I'm trying to find color in every corner. I like to play up the intensity but still keeping the values correct.

These are not my shoes. I could never walk in these. But I don't mind painting them!

I have several paintings in the works right now. Here is a detail shot of one...
Again, I trying to find color in value transitions. 
I'll be building weights for my canopy this weekend. I need something heavy to hold down my display for my art festivals. 

Outside Looking In

8x10 oil on cradled board

I finished this self portrait a couple weeks ago. I've been pretty bad about posting to my blog lately. I'm using Facebook more and more. But I really want to do better with my blog, so I will attempt to post more often.

My mothers Celebration of Life is over now and I ready to focus on painting. I'm going to be removing my work from DPW this month. I'm doing this for many many reasons. First of which is that my work isn't really noticed there any more. Maybe it's because I don't post prices or use their auction. That's possible. But if I actually posted the prices of my work I don't think that would really make a difference. I'm selling my old and new work at a small local gallery. So I plan to put my energy into that. In a week my DPW gallery will be gone. Thank you DPW for helping me get started.

I will be doing 3 summer art festivals! I'm really excited about that. I have a new display setup that should simplify and streamline the process. There is more information about this on the Events page on my website.