Approaching 18 at Pebble

9" x 12" oil on cradled board

Beautiful Pebble Beach golf course. I got to stand by the 18th green and take a few photos once. I've been using those photos for references for a few years. I always wanted to try painting two golfers side by side. Inspired by Ken Auster's "Another Day at the Office", but using my own photos. This is no where near the wonderful freshness of Ken's. But it was a step forward for me. Composition is so tricky, and the problems are different for each painting. So much to learn.

Here is another corner of my studio! This is where I keep most of my paintings at different stages of drying. They are all waiting to be varnished. Sometimes this gets too crowded and I have to move some to wall shelves. Today I'm preparing to varnish a few tomorrow. So this is when I decide what's dry enough to varnish. I have such a pile of new paintings that I'm excited about!


  1. The guy on the left almost looks dejected or frustrated, (it's golf, of course he's frustrated) and the guy on the right gives me the impression he has done great, but he's looking forward to the next hole. Love everything about this.

    1. That's so funny you read so much into these guys! Thank you Sharon!

  2. I like the drama of the strong dark pattern grounding the caddy so the golfer gets the first attention. I think it is a wonderful painting, Cathy.
    I checked the Auster version and loved it too.