Outside Looking In

8x10 oil on cradled board

I finished this self portrait a couple weeks ago. I've been pretty bad about posting to my blog lately. I'm using Facebook more and more. But I really want to do better with my blog, so I will attempt to post more often.

My mothers Celebration of Life is over now and I ready to focus on painting. I'm going to be removing my work from DPW this month. I'm doing this for many many reasons. First of which is that my work isn't really noticed there any more. Maybe it's because I don't post prices or use their auction. That's possible. But if I actually posted the prices of my work I don't think that would really make a difference. I'm selling my old and new work at a small local gallery. So I plan to put my energy into that. In a week my DPW gallery will be gone. Thank you DPW for helping me get started.

I will be doing 3 summer art festivals! I'm really excited about that. I have a new display setup that should simplify and streamline the process. There is more information about this on the Events page on my website.


  1. Your painting is so darned good in every way. Dramatic , values perfect and so well painted.
    Blog versus FB - I only check FB once a day and I do not understand how it all rotates so I miss a lot of posts. Instagram is not as full so I do see more on it but s my lists grows I will never be able to keep up with it all.. With a blog I get to see the real artist, and if they share like you did on this one then the connection is a genuine and understanding one. There is the world of difference in my book so I am VERY glad you are keeping up your blog.

    1. Hi Julie,
      I've never got involved with instagram yet. I guess that is something I should probably look into. It seems everyone is on it.
      You are so good at sharing! That is why I enjoy your blog so much. I have a hard time with it most of the time. That is what I need to try harder on.

      Thank you Julie. It really means a lot to me when you stop by.

  2. You know you slay me with your fab figure painting. Love this one. Also, very glad you're keeping your blog. Wouldn't want to miss that. The one key to getting your work seen on any social media is for people to like , comment and share. That's what keeps it in the feed, so I guess we all need to do more of that for each other. Have a great day.