6x6 oil on cradled board

My first summer art festival in Cantigny Park, Wheaton, IL, is now over and I'm spending the day in recovery. It turned out to be a wonderful show. Weather was excellent. Hot, but not as hot as expected and I was under some wonderful trees with a breeze all day. The music was fun and the crowds were good. And to top all that, I was honored to get my painting on the cover of the show program!! I'm grateful it all went so well.

I had been wanting to paint this rose for a long time and I finally had a chance to give it a try last week. This was so much fun to paint. Every petal has multiple color/temperature changes. What a challenge!

I should have it varnished by the time my next art festival (Sugar Creek) comes around in July. 

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  1. Hope there were lots of red dots to boot! Love the rose.