Flock of Seagulls

6"x12" oil on cradled board

I just finished this one. It was a challenge trying to capture the late afternoon light and long shadows. I'm really enjoying painting birds right now. I hope to do a few more before I move on to the next thing. 

There have been several things going on in my life that has made it difficult to paint. Besides having my 6 year old grandson for a week, and having a contractor here updating bathrooms, I lost access to my computer for 5 days! There was an accident that involved my computer, water, a broken glass, and a 6 year old. Need I say more? After I was sure he was okay, I noticed my computer had been too close to the whole situation. I quickly wiped it down and turned it off and put it in a dry spot for 5 days. I finally had the courage to try starting it on Sunday and thank goodness it booted right up! Whew, that was a close one. I need to find a better spot to stick this computer when not in use. And if the mother of that 6 year old is reading this... IT WAS A COMPLETE ACCIDENT. And all is well. 

Now to get some of these paintings I have started done!


16" x 20" oil on cradled board

I just delivered this commission to a very happy client! This is a portrait of "Cleo" doing what she loves to do which is hunt. This was a wonderful project and I'm thrilled I got to be a part of it.