6x6 oil on cradled board

Here is one of the paintings I did a couple weeks ago. It is still drying and I plan to take it to my September show in Springfield IL.

I've moved my studio home! I was bummed at first, but now I'm painting away and getting so much more done. This was definitely the right choice for me. Painting is what I need to do.

Super Heroes

6x6 oil on panel

It has been a long time since I've posted. I had been painting quite a bit and I should post a few more of my new pieces. I've been focusing on smaller paintings for my September shows. I did a handful that I'm quite happy with... but now I'm in a slump! Does that happen to you? You get all happy with a few paintings and then you get nothing but wipers! ugh!

It started with me having to move my working area out of my studio and back home because of some water leakage. My studio is in an old old warehouse building that occasionally has issues. They have since fixed the worst of the leaking... thank you thank you. But I'm having a hard time deciding whether to move back to my studio, or just stay home and paint. There are a lot of conveniences to being in a home studio. Getting laundry done, cooking, painting at night at times. But it's a much smaller space and I don't get the First Friday exposure.

So with all this going on, I've had a hard time being creative. Unsettled. Tomorrow night I will be at my studio with the August First Friday celebrations. I'm hoping to have a big crowd that will convince me that keeping my studio there open is a good idea. But I'm leaning toward moving back home.