High Key


So this assignment for my "Simple Isn't Easy" class was a couple weeks ago. I've been bad about keeping up my posting. But the assignment was to paint a high key painting, then add a few darks to move your eye. I did this on my ipad on a program called Procreate. It's a very fun tool for quick studies. I didn't have a value scale around so I think I got a few of my values a tiny bit too dark. But for the most part, they are middle value and lighter. Then I added the darks to really draw the eye. 

Below is the same image changed to b/w so you can really see how the values have merged. I am very happy with this one and am in the process of trying to do this in oil. It's so much harder I think. Learning a lot. 



  1. Love it and that you shared your learning experience with us. I’ll check out that app. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Sharon! The app is great for quick studies.

  2. Hi Cathy, I enjoyed going back and catching up. Thanks for explaining this was on the computer because I could see it didnt have your magic touch. What is that elusive something we put into our work. Anyway this is very good and I do hope you do a painting from it.
    In answer to preference on previous post - I go the the cool one. It is
    Interesting to see the choices, isn't it?