Another Raven

10x10 oil on cradled board

I'm enjoying painting these black birds. I've been painting in thin layers of paint getting a lot of interesting textures. I used oil paint mixed with cold wax along with panpastels sprinkled over it throughout the process.

New Birds

I have a few new paintings that I have finished in the last couple months. I'll try to get them posted before the year ends. These 3 are all 6"x6" and painted on 2" deep cradled boards. I've been playing with cold wax medium mixed into my oil paint. I like the surface texture I can get with this. 

I've really neglected my blog and facebook lately. All the social media is overwhelming for me at times. I do post more often on my instagram account. If you are interested, I sometimes post my in-progress photos there.

I have some exciting news that I will share soon! I hope you all have a safe and happy New Years Eve!